003 - Birthplace

WTAC, what an event. This years event is right around the corner so I’ll share with you our experience of last year.

For us, those two days were absolute heaven. I distinctly recall walking to the track in Eastern Creek and hearing the roar of an RB coming from an R32 and feeling the hair stand on the back of my neck.


WTAC is every car guys dream, cars in every direction, merch for every taste and a seemingly endless array of bits just screaming to be bolted to your pride and joy. Admittedly, seeing the guys from Saint Side and Likewise running their stalls played a big part in us becoming what we are today.


The drift events of Day 2 were definitely what we were most excited for. The sounds of the cars being pushed to their limits, (pun intended) limiter bashing and clouds of smoke filling the air is an amazing sight to see sitting on the hills as the sun sets over the track.



The days quickly turned to nights and before we knew it, we were headed back to our apartment, and well, you know the rest.



- Daz

Photos By Paulie (Zenki Media)

(yes this is a repost from the krawlerz facebook)

Darien Bellwtac