002 - The Birth Of A Movement


This is part two following the post from yesterday. In a nutshell, we’re just 2 regular guys from Melbourne who had an idea on a train one day in Sydney.

We were on our way back to our apartment from Day 2 of World Time Attack.

“I’ve always wanted to start a car club or something” Paulie, said to me almost absent-mindedly somewhere between Blacktown and Central Station. “But I could never come up with a name”. “Crawlers” I said to him, after throwing several other ideas at him, “but with a K and a Z for effect; the premise being that your car is so damn low that you gotta crawl over everything. What do you reckon?”

And that’s how Krawlerz was born.


People often ask what it actually is that we are, and the most simple answer is that we are a clothing company, who draw influence heavily from Japanese car culture. If you were to ask what our goals were, the answer would be slightly different.

As a collective, we are aiming to establish a community of like minded individuals who all share a passion for producing unique content to express their creativity. We want to be able to inspire people to take the route that they would consider risky, to think outside the box.



We try to promote unity between the different cliques in the car community. We want to bridge the gap between unique art forms and car culture. We embrace form over function, whether its -10 degrees of camber, or credit card fitment at the guards with 8 inches of dish on each of your wheels, we don’t discriminate.

Creating a Movement isn’t easy.

Although we haven’t been around very long, the amount of support we have received both online and in person has been almost overwhelming.



From the very first time running a trade stand at the local VicDrift event and getting the support from the guys that run it, to simply just getting text messages from family and friends saying that they just spotted people rocking one of our hoodies at uni or Snapchats of a car at a stop light wearing a banner on the windscreen.


Every single bit of it inspires me to continue to produce better content whether it be photographs, a sticker or a new design on a Tshirt.

The end goal of Krawlerz was always to spark a movement.


- Daz & Paulie


(yes this is a repost from the krawlerz facebook)

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