005 - Josh's Minty R32 | FEATURE


Some of you may remember this photo set from around about this time last year, if not.. enjoy!

Josh Vera wanted to build something that would pop but at the same time still be simple, this is what he came up with. An automotive spray painter by trade, he put in the long hours to turn his R32 into one of the most recognizable Skyline's in Melbourne. He layed down the minty goodness himself in the early hours of the morning at the shop he works at and finished it to perfection.

The wheels are a set of Impul Hoshino G5’s that Josh refurbished himself. I love the attention to detail that was put into these, the spike bolts really help set them off.


If you would like to see more of Josh's R32 or keep up with his future projects follow him on instagram,


- Paulie | @paul.in