006 - MotorEX Melbourne 2018


It took me a really long time to finally get around to writing about my experience at the event but.. better late than never? haha. 

Before you start scrolling, just know this is picture heavy as fkkkkk :) enjoy!

Meguiar's MotorEX is one of the biggest automotive exhibitions that we have down here in AUS and this year it was held in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to have my S15 displayed at the event and showcased alongside some of the craziest builds that the city had to offer. If you had a chance to make it down to the event, I'm sure you weren't disappointed in the variety of different styles.. *looks around* (I personally think the presence of jdm cars was kind of lacking but to each their own). 

ANYWAY. Less talk, more photos

You can tell I how much I loved the look of this S2K just by the amount of photos I had to include here haha. From the colour to the wheel selection to the plates, I admire every bit of it. I learnt REAL quick how hard it is to take a good photo at an exhibition, mainly because of the crazy amount of people there were at the event but also partly because I had a poor choice in the lens I chose to lug around with me. 

Of course the cars and the big automotive brands are the main attraction of the show, but there was also a lot of different things going on at once including Live Music and some Drifting, but one of my favourite things to see over the weekend was the ShowTimeFMX display. These guys are ridiculous.

After getting my fix of seeing these madmen do flips on motorbikes, I hustled over to the other end of the Showgrounds to catch something I was dying to see all weekend.. The ETS Hilux Drift Ute actually slaying in person, Nigel is a fkn magician, you can read more about him and his projects including his red 180sx on his website Engineered to Slide. 

Speaking of magicians, John Dreyer was able to do a complete reshell of his Datsun within a week inside a tiny shed in his backyard. A week before this, the little Bluebird was mangled after a wall tap at VicDrift Round 3 at Calder Park. Even with the small amount of time he had, the car was up and running again, slaying all weekend.

Remember how I said that there weren't enough Japanese cars at the event? This write up makes it look like I was lying haha. It just so happens I didn't end up having enough battery charge to shoot the other stuff..
I went back inside into the Grand Pavillion, where I spent most of my time during the weekend at the HaloEFX trade stand. I met a lot of you guys there and I was stoked at the amount of attention the S15 got haha. I just want to say a big thank you to Brad at Zoom Garage for the effort he put into the car and Dylan at HaloEFX for making the weekend possible for me. The mates at home for help on the weekends every single time the car gives me a headache and Vicpol for never pulling me over..
oh wait.. (story for another day hahaha).

Here are some left over photos I didnt know where to include. If you actually read this far, you're a legend!

- Paulie
Instagram: @paul.in